iPhone Leads in Boingo Airport Wi-Fi Usage Study

As we near the two-year mark since the debut of the original iPhone, it’s evident that this device has revolutionized the realm of mobile computing, particularly highlighted by statistics on mobile Wi-Fi connectivity.

Recently, Boingo Wireless shared insights from their extensive network of airport Wi-Fi hotspots, which are the most frequented spots for Wi-Fi usage globally. Over the last two years, Boingo has observed a significant surge in the use of mobile devices on their networks, predominantly driven by the iPhone and iPod touch.

From May 2007, the use of mobile devices on Boingo’s airport networks has skyrocketed from a mere 0.1% to an impressive 26.1%.

Within this short span, smartphones have escalated from being virtually non-existent to comprising a quarter of all connections on Boingo’s networks.

Boingo’s data also reveals the types of devices connecting to their airport Wi-Fi services. In 2007, when the iPhone was first released, it made up only 1% of all mobile devices.

At that time, Windows CE (Windows Mobile) dominated with 66% of connections. By 2008, the iPhone’s share had surged to 51.7%, with the iPod touch at 42.4%.

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