Rolando 2 Launches on the App Store: Download Now

If you’re out of the loop, ngmoco has just launched Rolando 2 on the App Store, retailing at the premium price of $9.99. This edition, dubbed Quest for the Golden Orchid, shifts its focus from saving a prince to rescuing a precious artifact.

While the price tag is steep compared to other App Store offerings, the game itself maintains a high standard of quality that iPhone gamers have come to expect. Fans of the original Rolando will find the sequel a worthy upgrade, featuring a fresh 3D aesthetic while preserving the beloved 2D gameplay.

With over 45 new levels and a variety of Rolandos to maneuver, this sequel is sure to captivate both veterans and newcomers to the series.

Currently, there is no lite version available for the sequel, but those new to the series can sample the original game. Additionally, numerous videos are accessible on ngmoco’s official website, providing a good overview of what the game entails.

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