iPhone Unlocked Phones Issue Sends AIM Messages Erroneously

Update 7/22: AOL has responded to the reports of misdirected push notifications, confirming that the issue stems from a workaround for push notifications on unlocked devices.

For those using AIM on their iPhones to communicate with loved ones, caution is advised, especially if your device is unlocked. According to Till Schadde of Equinux, a significant bug in the iPhone’s AIM application could result in your messages being sent to unintended recipients.

Schadde himself experienced this when a message he sent was received by a stranger, who then contacted him with a screenshot of the message. Schadde shared this incident on Twitter, highlighting the issue after replicating the problem from his computer.

The issue appears to be linked to the iPhone 3.0’s push notification system and currently seems to affect only unlocked iPhones.

Edit (12:20 PT): Schadde has updated via Twitter that AOL has reached out to him this morning to discuss the issue further.

[Via CrunchGear]

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