Microsoft Recruits Former Apple Real Estate Expert for Retail Strategy

In a strategic move, Microsoft has declared its intention to establish retail stores in proximity to Apple’s existing outlets. This decision is seen as a tactical approach to capitalize on the foot traffic near Apple stores, potentially boosting sales of products like Zunes.

The presence of engaging retail staff, reminiscent of personalities like Lauren and Sheila from Microsoft’s advertising campaigns, could enhance the shopping experience.

According to TechFlash, Microsoft has engaged George Blankenship, Apple’s former real estate guru, as a consultant to help choose ideal locations for these new stores. Blankenship, who previously transitioned from The Gap to Apple, collaborates with David Porter, a former Wal-Mart executive now serving as Microsoft’s corporate VP of retail stores.

Working as a consultant allows Blankenship to navigate around potential conflicts due to non-compete clauses typical with Apple executive contracts.

He utilizes publicly available demographic data and Apple’s well-documented retail strategies to identify promising locations for Microsoft’s retail ventures.

Details about the specific locations, product lineup, and design of the Microsoft stores remain confidential, but the company plans to launch these stores before the release of Windows 7 on October 22nd.

[Source: ifoAppleStore]

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