Top 5 Essential Apps Every Movie Enthusiast Must Have

Not long ago, the primary method for movie enthusiasts to check film schedules was through newspapers, a medium that followed ancient scrolls and preceded digital games. The evolution of movie listings began to change with the introduction of Moviefone, which since 1989, has been an iconic voice in movie listings, serving various cinema chains.

As the digital age took over, the year 2000 welcomed Fandango, which introduced a new competitive edge with its unique marketing and broad theater coverage.

Both platforms provided online ticket purchasing options, albeit with a small service fee.

The introduction of the iPhone/iPod Touch simplified the process even further, although it blurred the lines regarding service offerings. Here are two notable apps that have made movie-going easier:

Now Playing – Free offers extensive features beyond ticket purchases, such as managing your Netflix queue, searching movies by theater, and accessing reviews from Metacritic.

Movies Now – Free utilizes for ticket sales, offering a user-friendly interface to browse and purchase tickets, though it has some limitations with showtime listings.

Additional noteworthy apps include Flixter – Free, which offers comprehensive features including GPS-based theater finding, and Movie Genie – $1.99, which acts as a portable IMDb.

For a fun twist, try MovieLingo – Free, a game that mixes movie genres and decades for a fun quiz experience.

These five apps represent a diverse range of functionalities that cater to different aspects of the movie-going experience, from ticket purchases to trivia games.

While some apps may excel in certain areas, these five collectively offer a comprehensive suite of features that enhance the way users interact with the world of cinema.

Note: Netflix is US only and I have no idea if the others work outside of the US.


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