The Beatles iTunes Rumors: Yoko Confirms, EMI Denies

A source close to a confidant whispered to me that the Beatles might make their grand debut on iTunes as soon as tomorrow. However, EMI was quick to respond with a cautionary note.

The ongoing narrative, filled with more suspense than a typical shoujo manga, took another twist today as Engadget relayed a report from 9to5Mac.

It appears Yoko Ono hinted at a possible Beatles appearance on iTunes on the notable date of 9/9/09. This news has already sparked a flurry of excited chatter across social media, with fans eagerly anticipating confirmation.

Previously, we’ve pondered this possibility, but the latest comments from Yoko Ono have reignited the speculation.

Aligning with Steve Sande, the prospect of seeing Paul, Ringo, Julian Lennon, and Dhani Harrison (the creative force behind The Beatles: Rock Band—a game I’ve been eagerly awaiting for six months) together on stage announcing the Beatles on iTunes would indeed be a sight to behold. Nonetheless, I’d prefer a well-prepared release over a rushed one.


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