Some Developers Struggle with In-App Purchase Revenue

In a recent dialogue with, Pangea Software, the creators behind the popular iPhone game Enigmo, shared their mixed feelings about the performance of in-app purchases. Despite impressive sales figures for the game itself, which exceed a million copies, the uptake of in-app purchases has been modest, averaging about 25 transactions per day.

Brian Greenstone of Pangea noted that these numbers fell short of his expectations, which were initially set much higher.

The lukewarm response to microtransactions can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, there is a learning curve for customers to appreciate the incremental acquisition of content, and similarly, developers are still fine-tuning their strategies for pricing and marketing these additions effectively.

While platforms like Xbox Live have seen success with this model, the App Store still presents challenges, such as inconsistent pricing and visibility issues for in-app purchases, as discussed in various forums including ongoing debates and observations on market trends.

Greenstone’s current stance is to focus less on the pricing aspect and more on delivering value that justifies whatever price is set. He believes that over time, both developers and consumers will find a balance in pricing that reflects the true value of the content offered, potentially leading to a surge in in-app purchase volumes.

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