Apple Store Launches in Manhasset, Long Island

On a chilly morning, the Apple store in Manhasset, Long Island, NY, welcomed customers with open arms and a lively atmosphere. Staff members, clad only in T-shirts despite the cold, energetically engaged with the long line of eager customers, building excitement with countdowns until the doors finally opened.

As groups of approximately 20 people entered through the large glass doors, they were greeted with applause and free T-shirts by the cheerful Apple employees. The first 1,000 visitors received special black T-shirts featuring ‘Manhasset’ on the front and ‘Designed by Apple in California’ on the back.

Unlike the smaller Apple store at the Walt Whitman Mall, this new location boasts a standalone structure with expansive glass walls and a spacious interior.

It’s designed to alleviate the overcrowding and long wait times for Genius Bar appointments experienced at other local Apple stores.

For those nearby, the store is located at 1900 Northern Blvd, Manhasset, NY. It’s a must-visit for Apple enthusiasts and tech lovers in the area.


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