Microsoft Opens New Retail Store in Arizona, Mimics Apple Store Design

On a sunny Thursday, October 22nd, in Scottsdale, Arizona, a bustling crowd gathers for the grand opening of a new retail store by a global tech giant known for its software platforms, mobile devices, and digital services. As visitors enter, they are greeted with applause and cheers from staff clad in vibrant t-shirts. The store layout features widely spaced wooden tables on a polished hardwood floor, ensuring the crowd can move freely without feeling cramped.

Prominently located at the rear is an “Answer Bar,” a spot for customers to get assistance with their devices’ operating systems.

However, this isn’t the launch of another Apple Store. This event marks the debut of the first Microsoft Store. Clearly drawing inspiration from the successful Apple Store model, these new stores are strategically opening near Apple Stores.

Microsoft has even brought on board George Blankenship, a former real estate chief for Apple, to advise on the store locations and layouts. Efforts to recruit Apple Store managers have also been made to strengthen their retail team.

The introduction of personal shoppers and personal training services at Microsoft Stores mirrors Apple’s Concierge and One-to-One training services, showcasing a clear emulation of Apple’s retail strategy. The Microsoft Store website even features a similar design to Apple’s, including a scrolling list of in-store classes and events, though the list for the Scottsdale store remains unfilled at present.

It’s intriguing to observe Microsoft’s approach to adopting the Apple Store concept.


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