Apple Tablet Pricing Surprisingly Affordable?

In a recent broadcast of Diggnation, hosts Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht engaged in a lively discussion with John Hodgman, famously known as the “PC” in Apple’s iconic “Get a Mac” commercials.

While Rose attempted to extract details about Apple’s rumored tablet Mac from Hodgman, he maintained that he had no insider knowledge of the device.

Albrecht, on the other hand, hinted at the tablet’s cost, expressing his astonishment at its affordability, though he stopped short of sharing specific figures.

Speculation about the price of Apple’s tablet varies widely, with figures ranging from $500 to $2,000.

Given that the existence of the tablet, let alone its specifications and capabilities, remains unconfirmed outside of Apple’s inner circles, pinning down an exact price is as challenging as forecasting the winners of the 2010 Olympics.

I’m inclined to agree with Albrecht’s hopes that the tablet will be priced competitively.


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