Is AT&T Planning to Implement Usage-Based Pricing Models?

Ralph de la Vega, who leads consumer services at AT&T, recently discussed the possibility of implementing usage-based pricing models due to the growing demand for data among consumers. This was reported by both the Huffington Post and Reuters newsfeed.

Speaking at a USB investor conference, de la Vega mentioned that AT&T is considering tiered pricing to manage the heavy data traffic in cities like New York and San Francisco.

While the reports did not specifically mention the iPhone, it is well-known that the device has significantly increased network usage due to its comprehensive internet capabilities and the popularity of its App Store. The iPhone’s ability to access the internet through Mobile Safari was a key feature highlighted in early marketing campaigns by Apple.

In the past, AT&T restricted high-bandwidth apps on the App Store to Wi-Fi connections only.

However, they have recently given the go-ahead for Voice-over-IP applications like Skype to operate over their 3G network. Introducing a tiered pricing model could help manage this increased demand, but it would require significant improvements to the network infrastructure, which AT&T is reportedly working on.

The initial two-year contracts for the newer 3GS iPhones, which were released in the summer, are set to expire in the second quarter of 2011.

Attempts were made to contact AT&T’s public relations department by TUAW for comments on the potential new pricing structures and their impact on service quality, but there was no response at the time of publication.

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