China Unicom Reports 100,000 iPhones Sold

Despite reports of sluggish iPhone sales, Dow Jones indicates that China Unicom has managed to sell 100,000 iPhones since its launch in October. Although this number marks an improvement from the initial 5,000 units sold in the first four days, it still falls short of expectations.

China, being the largest mobile market globally, and China Unicom, as the second-largest carrier next to China Mobile, boasts 144 million subscribers as of October 2009, according to analyst Paul Wuh from Samsung Securities.

“The iPhone sales figures are underwhelming,” commented Wuh. “With a subscriber base of 144 million, 100,000 iPhone users barely scratch the surface in terms of impacting China Unicom’s overall revenue.”

The underlying issues? As previously mentioned, factors such as the absence of Wi-Fi, a robust black market, and steep pricing all play a part.

Earlier in August, China Unicom and Apple solidified a three-year agreement. Under this arrangement, China Unicom purchases the devices outright from Apple without any revenue sharing, hoping this strategy will help them compete more effectively against China Mobile.

[Source: Macsimum News]


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