Speculation: Foxconn Secures Contract for Latest iPhone Production

As the festive season winds down, the focus shifts to what’s next from Apple’s tech lineup. With the Macworld Expo no longer on Apple’s schedule, the company can release new products at any optimal time.

The iPhone 3G hit the market on July 11, 2008, followed by the 3GS on June 19, 2009. With many users’ contracts ending in July, Apple is likely gearing up for new releases.

We’re just about six months away from a potential new product rollout.

Today’s buzz comes from a short tweet by Eldar Murtazin of Mobile Review stating: “Foxconn received order for next generation iphone.” While some might dismiss this, Engadget recognizes him as a key insider in the mobile industry. Foxconn, the Taiwan-based manufacturer, is known for its long-standing partnership with Apple.

Speculations suggest that the upcoming iPhone could be released around June or July 2010.


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