iPhone Dominates 46% of Japan’s Smartphone Market

According to a report by Impress Corporation of Japan, Apple has captured nearly half of the smartphone market in Japan, boasting sales of over 3 million iPhones since its launch just over a year ago. The surge in popularity is attributed to the iPhone’s user-friendly interface and the diverse offerings of the Japanese App Store.

Data shows that 77% of iPhone 3GS users engage with their device for at least thirty minutes daily, closely followed by users of Android and iPhone 3G.

Apple’s success isn’t limited to Japan. Despite a rocky start in China, the iPhone is gaining momentum, with China Unicom projecting it will become the top-selling smartphone.

The device has also made significant inroads in South Korea, where it sold 90,000 units in less than three weeks, with projections of 700,000 sales by the end of 2010 according to The Korea Times. This robust performance is expected to help Apple achieve sales of 10 million iPhones in the current quarter alone.

With Apple’s continued expansion in Asian markets and strong sales figures, it raises the question of which market the iPhone will dominate next and at whose expense?


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