Verizon Wireless Gears Up for iPhone Launch

According to a recent report by BusinessWeek, Verizon is enhancing its network capabilities in anticipation of the iPhone’s arrival. Verizon Wireless’s Chief Technology Officer, Anthony Melone, conveyed to Bloomberg BusinessWeek that the company has already implemented necessary measures to handle the anticipated increase in traffic due to the iPhone. “We have put things in place already.

We are prepared to support that traffic,” Melone stated.

As the iPhone enters its third year in the U.S., many users express dissatisfaction with AT&T’s service, while Verizon receives accolades for its wireless service. A notable Consumer Reports survey which polled 50,000 readers in 26 U.S. cities found Verizon leading in 19 cities, with AT&T ranking last.

In recent advertising battles, initially challenged by AT&T, Verizon later relented.

Verizon continues to assert its superior national 3G coverage. While there have been ongoing rumors about AT&T losing its exclusive rights to the iPhone to Verizon, these remain speculative at this stage.

On a personal note, during a recent trip to a remote area in Pennsylvania, my iPhone lost service, whereas Verizon phones remained operational. While this is merely an anecdotal observation, it was the first time I found myself envying the service of other users.


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