Apple Reportedly Orders 10-Inch Tablet Screens

As the days tick by, the tech community is abuzz with more speculation about the highly anticipated January event. The latest chatter suggests that Apple has secured a deal with Innolux for a large order of 10-inch touch panels, which are expected to be used in the upcoming devices, potentially named iSlate or another creative moniker that the marketing team decides upon.

This aligns with previous reports that speculated about the size of the screens. It appears that Apple initially delayed this project due to concerns over the durability of the glass, but now, with stronger glass available, they seem poised for a reveal in January, with a potential release in the spring.

They’ve also prepared for high demand by securing another manufacturer for additional screens.

A piece from the Wall Street Journal, translated, mentions that a Taiwanese firm, Chang Uei Precision, has agreed to supply “connectors” for the new device, although details remain sparse and a release isn’t expected until the third quarter of the next year.

As is typical with Apple, these reports are still unconfirmed as the company has yet to make an official announcement about the January event or the launch of a new tablet device. It’s wise to heed the old advice about not counting your chickens before they hatch.


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