Apple Secures “i-phone” Trademark Rights in China

In 2002, Apple sought to secure the iPhone trademark in China, focusing on computer hardware and software categories, excluding mobile phones. The following year, well before the iPhone was unveiled, Chinese company Hanwang Technology registered the “i-phone” trademark for a product they briefly marketed.

Apple has since been on a mission to reclaim the “i-phone” trademark, and recently achieved success.

The trademark record now lists Apple instead of Hanwang Technology. A representative from Hanwang confirmed the transfer on Monday but declined to provide further details.

The introduction of the iPhone in China faced challenges, including strict government regulations, a thriving black market, and stiff competition from cheaper alternatives in Hong Kong, leading to a sluggish start.

Just last week, China Unicom announced a significant increase to 300,000 iPhones sold, tripling the sales figures reported at the beginning of December.

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