Skype Disappears from App Store: What Happened?

If you’re a user of Skype on your iPhone, you might have noticed it’s no longer available in the app store as of today. The disappearance is puzzling, and while it might indicate an upcoming update, it could also suggest issues between AT&T/Apple and the app, or simply a technical hiccup. An update on this situation has been provided below.

The disappearance isn’t just in the U.S.; the app is also missing from app stores globally.

Although the Skype website still has a link to download the app, it leads to a dead end with a message stating that Skype is currently unavailable. Similarly, searching for Skype in the iTunes app store yields no results.

The initial release of Skype for iPhone was met with enthusiasm, but users were quickly disappointed to learn that voice calls were restricted to Wi-Fi connections only. There were indications that AT&T might allow voice calls over its 3G network, but this has yet to materialize.

We have reached out to both Apple and Skype for comments and will update you as soon as we receive more information.

Update: Representatives from Skype have identified a technical issue that temporarily made Skype for iPhone inaccessible for some users.

They expect the service to be restored shortly.

It may seem unusual, but according to Skype, everything should be back to normal soon. Keep an eye on the app store to see when Skype becomes available again.

Latest Update: Skype has been reinstated on the app store. The current version, 1.22, has been available since September.

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