Intel and Flash Absent in New Tablet: Rumors Confirmed

In a recent update from Scott Moritz at The Street, new details have emerged about Apple’s highly anticipated tablet. Despite Moritz’s reputation for not always hitting the mark with Apple predictions, he reports that the upcoming device will not feature Intel components.

Instead, Apple is opting for alternative sources for the essential hardware, citing information from what he calls Apple’s “design manufacturing partners.” Neither Intel nor Apple have officially commented on these claims.

Adding to the buzz, John Gruber of Daring Fireball also weighed in with insights on the tablet’s ecosystem. According to Gruber, the App Store is expected to serve as the primary source of applications for the new device, similar to its function for other Apple products.

He also hinted at a potential delay in the release of a new SDK, which aligns with previous rumors about developers already adapting to new resolutions for the tablet. Furthermore, Gruber suggests that the tablet will likely eschew Flash, mirroring the approach taken with the iPhone, due to similar underlying reasons.

These insights collectively paint a more detailed picture of what Apple’s new tablet might offer, though as with all leaks and rumors, the full scope and details will likely only be confirmed at the official unveiling.


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