Demonstration of Adobe Flash on the iPhone: A Closer Look

At long last, the iPhone has embraced Adobe Flash, albeit through an unconventional route. The open-source initiative known as Gordon, available on GitHub, has introduced a JavaScript-powered Flash runtime that enables the loading and viewing of Flash .swf files directly on the iPhone’s Mobile Safari.

I tested it myself today and was pleasantly surprised to see several Flash demos functioning smoothly on my iPhone 3GS without the need for jailbreaking or additional installations.

It’s important to note that this is still an early version, supporting only specific SWF tags. Flash developers looking to utilize this must wrap the SWF file in HTML, incorporate the Gordon JavaScript library, and then load the SWF as illustrated here.

While I’m no Flash guru, this development seems promising for iPhone users eager to access Flash content. Currently, the project is in its nascent stages, showcasing only a handful of demos, and it remains to be seen how Apple will respond to this workaround.

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