Xcode Installation Guide: How to Install SDK 3.2 with SDK 3.1.1

If you’re juggling both production and beta tasks, and need to manage multiple SDK installations simultaneously, you might find yourself in a bit of a bind. For those who have already downloaded the 3.1.3 SDK and are looking to install it alongside the 3.2 beta SDK, it’s crucial to select the right installation path using the Xcode installer’s destination chooser.

When prompted to choose an installation directory, click on the Developer folder to access the dropdown menu depicted to the right.

To set up a new directory, select “Other…” and navigate using the standard file explorer to create and choose your desired location.

I typically designate a specific folder for all my beta software installations. My setup includes the 3.2 beta in a folder named /Developer32, while the 3.1.3 SDK update resides in the usual /Developer directory.

This arrangement allows both SDKs to coexist without conflict. I’ve also set up distinct key macros for the regular and beta versions of Xcode and Interface Builder, which are located in /Developer/Applications and /Developer32/Applications respectively.

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