Preparing for Macworld: Top 5 Apps and Essential Packing List

Embarking on a lengthy journey, especially for an event like Macworld Expo, necessitates thoughtful packing. It’s a relief to know that a selection of apps can replace many traditional travel tools, though the challenge of what to pack still remains. Here’s a breakdown of the essential apps and gadgets I packed for my trip.

The Apps

Despite frequent visits, San Francisco’s layout eludes me.

To navigate, I’ve utilized iBART, BayTripper, and However, the Maps app remains a reliable choice for public transit and walking directions. For more personal transportation needs, Taxi Magic efficiently summons a cab to your location.

Prior to my flight, I ensured my top air travel apps were ready.

Tripit keeps my travel plans accessible, while Gate Guru locates the best airport dining options.

For lodging management, the Rooms app proves invaluable by tracking hotel room numbers. Additionally, I’ve loaded Pzizz for sleep management, and various apps for socializing and dining, including Foursquare, Happy Hour, and Good Food Near You.

The Gear

My indispensable travel gadget is the Belkin mini surge protector, which offers multiple outlets and USB ports in a compact design. Equally crucial is the Ezonics SD card to USB adapter for managing photos and files.

For internet access, I’ve brought a Sprint Overdrive 3G/4G mobile router.

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