Disney CEO Declares iPad a Game-Changing Device

In a recent conversation with the Associated Press, Disney’s CEO Bob Iger shared insights into the potential impact of the iPad on the entertainment industry, describing the device as “a game changer.” He elaborated on some of the innovative concepts Disney is considering for the iPad, such as an enhanced version of the ESPN ScoreCenter app and a new interactive application for fans of the ABC series “Lost.”

The ESPN ScoreCenter app, already popular on iPhone and iPod touch, offers live scores and updates across sports.

Iger envisions the iPad version as a dynamic enhancement, bringing scores to life with vibrant, full-screen visuals and interactive features.

He drew parallels to the demo of Major League Baseball’s At Bat app for iPad, suggesting similar features like multi-angle video, in-game chats, and more could be integrated into the ESPN app.

Regarding the proposed Lost app, Iger highlighted the potential for a more immersive experience, allowing fans not only to watch episodes but to engage with additional content related to the show.


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