Macworld 2010: TUAW Visits Apple Headquarters

Every visit to Macworld invariably includes a journey to Apple’s main headquarters in Cupertino. Yesterday, before our scheduled meetings and interviews today, colleagues David Winograd, Dave Caolo, and I ventured to the iconic Apple Campus.

Below in the gallery, you’ll find a glimpse of our experience, which ranged from seeing boxed versions of Mac software—yes, even Popcap games and Pixelmator in boxes—to exploring the myriad of memorabilia available at the company store. An employee at the checkout even recognized us, noting, “There are quite a few of us who know your site,” with a knowing smile.

We also observed the original iPod box displayed in an office window and desks adorned with multiple 30″ Cinema Displays. The entire visit was nothing short of spectacular.

Even the encounter with a staff member who briskly discouraged us from taking photos near the basketball and volleyball courts with a stern “No pictures!” couldn’t dampen our spirits.


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