Phil Schiller Addresses Removal of Adult Content Apps

In a recent move that has stirred considerable debate, Apple purged approximately 5,000 applications from its App Store, citing the reason as the presence of “objectionable content.” This news first came to light following a communication from Jon Atherton of Chillifresh, the creator behind the app Wobble iBoobs, who reached out to Techcrunch after his app was removed. Subsequently, Atherton shared a list on his website that purportedly outlines what Apple deems as “objectionable content,” which includes:

  • No depictions of women or men in bikinis

  • Absence of skin exposure

  • No silhouettes suggesting that the app is used for sexual purposes

  • Ban on any sexual references or suggestive language

  • Prohibition of content that could be considered sexually stimulating

  • Rejection of any apps hinting at sexual content

This stringent policy raises questions about the availability of apps like the Playboy and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit editions, which, as of now, are still accessible.

Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing, addressed these concerns in a recent interview with The New York Times. “We’ve reached a point where the volume of complaints from our users, particularly women and parents, about the degrading and objectionable content has become too significant to ignore,” explained Schiller.

He further clarified why apps like SI and Playboy remain available: “These are established brands that offer content in a recognized and widely accepted format.”

With these new guidelines, Apple is determined to maintain its standards.

Meanwhile, developers who have been benefiting from adult-themed apps are understandably upset, while others, like Wally Chang of Donoma Games, support the change. “It’s about time we moved away from these simplistic apps that only serve to display provocative images,” he commented.

Michael Rose

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