iTunes Hits 10 Billion Downloads Milestone Today

According to calculations by Obama Pacman, the momentous occasion of the 10 billionth song download on iTunes is expected to occur today, February 24th. Apple is celebrating this milestone by offering a $10k gift card as a prize.

If you’re planning to purchase music, aim to do so during the early to late evening hours to increase your chances of winning.

Beyond the contest, this event signifies that Apple has reached a sales figure of 10 billion songs through their platform, reshaping the music industry significantly. The Brainstorm Tech blog at Fortune provides an insightful overview of what this means for the store.

Notably, the iTunes store generates over $520 million a quarter, and despite Apple’s primary focus on hardware, this is a noteworthy achievement. Additionally, the Black Eyed Peas hold the title for having two of the top 20 best-selling songs ever, ranking first and third.

This is a remarkable milestone for Apple, and with the upcoming release of the iPad, the iTunes store is likely to see even more activity.


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