Find My iPhone App Recovers Two Phones at Busch Gardens

In a scene reminiscent of a television crime drama, the St. Petersburg Times reports a theft that unfolded at Busch Gardens, Tampa.

A mother and her stepdaughter, while embarking on the thrilling SheiKra roller coaster, placed their iPhones in unlocked storage bins provided by the park. This decision would soon lead to an unexpected turn of events.

During the ride, the young girl suffered a minor injury, prompting a hurried visit to the first aid station and momentarily forgetting their belongings. By the time they remembered and returned, the iPhones were gone.

Law enforcement and park security were promptly notified, and the young victim utilized MobileMe to track the phones from an officer’s laptop in a staff area.

It’s interesting to note that tracking can now be done directly from another iPhone, as detailed in this article.

Police were dispatched to the location indicated by MobileMe, where they found a man who quickly tried to hide a cellphone upon their arrival.

Indeed, he was in possession of one of the stolen iPhones, with the other located inside his apartment. The suspect, 25-year-old Richard Emerson, confessed to the theft and was charged with grand theft. Currently out on bail, this incident marks his 19th arrest, according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

The entire ordeal, from theft to arrest, spanned only 45 minutes.


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