Leaked Document Reveals Initial Promotional List of iPad Books

Esteemed authors such as Stephen King, Timothy Ferris, and Malcolm Gladwell, along with others like Dubner & Leavitt, Kennedy, Agassi, Palin, and Beck, contribute to a diverse selection of books. This collection spans various genres including bestselling novels like The Lovely Bones, factual works such as A History Of Modern Britain, and autobiographies like Wishful Drinking.

Prices vary, starting at $14.99 for Too Big To Fail and even including free offerings such as Heat Wave. These books are likely to be featured soon on the iBooks app.

Our sources have uncovered a list of ebooks that seems to have originated from Apple, alongside other materials typically used in the iTunes store interface.

It remains uncertain if the 112 titles mentioned will indeed be available for purchase on the upcoming iPad book store. Initially, it was speculated that these might be just for the launch demo of the device, as some titles from the video were not listed, and others were included that weren’t featured in the demo.

The list details prices, audiobook IDs (hinting at potential cross-media sales), genres, and brief descriptions, with a special mention of New York Times bestsellers.

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