Using Instapaper Pro and Tweetie 2: A Comprehensive Guide

The latest update to Instapaper Pro, now at version 2.2, brings exciting new features. The app’s developer, Marco Arment, has shared insights on his blog about the development of a feature named “Return to Position,” which is particularly useful for those who appreciate meticulous detail in software development. For those curious about all the updates, the full changelog is available.

My usage of Instapaper Pro has increased significantly after I tweaked my iPhone and Mac workflow.

The “Read Later” bookmarklet from the Instapaper website is now properly set up. An alternative method is using Quix, which simplifies the use of bookmarklets, as I previously mentioned. Additionally, I’ve been following a curated article site specifically for Instapaper users called “Give Me Something To Read”, managed by Richard Dunlop-Walters.

Another integration I’ve set up is with Tweetie 2 on my iPhone, which allows me to send web pages to Instapaper effortlessly.

This is achieved by simply tapping the “forward arrow” button and selecting “Read Later” when browsing in Tweetie 2’s integrated browser. Initially, it prompts for Instapaper credentials, but subsequent uses streamline the process.

Moreover, I discovered detailed instructions by Marco on using the Instapaper formatting tool, or “mobilizer,” which enhances the readability of web pages directly within Tweetie 2. This feature seems to be underutilized based on its availability on the Instapaper site.

Here’s how you can configure Tweetie 2 to utilize the Instapaper mobilizer:

  1. Select “Settings” from the account list.

  2. Choose “Advanced.”

  3. Select “Mobilizer.”

  4. Choose “Custom” and paste “” into the provided field.

  5. Save the settings and return to your Twitter feed.

Once set up, any link clicked in Tweetie 2 will be processed through the Instapaper mobilizer for a cleaner viewing experience.


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