Y Combinator Seeks Developers for iPad Apps

Y Combinator, a well-known investor in tech startups, regularly funds new companies to foster innovation and secure a small portion of equity. Their recent Request For Startups specifically targets firms developing iPad applications.

They argue that the iPad is not merely a larger iPhone or another tablet, but a potential game-changer for the computing landscape, aiming to surpass Windows rather than directly compete with it. According to Y Combinator, Apple’s strategy is to gradually shift users from PCs to iPads, eventually making the iPad indispensable for applications unavailable on traditional PCs.

While it’s still uncertain, Y Combinator sees potential for this shift to become a reality.

Could this strategy actually succeed? Y Combinator acknowledges it’s just a possibility, but as investors in potential, they see promising signs pointing towards the iPad’s increasing influence in the tech world.

[Via DF]

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