Steve Ballmer Praises Apple in Unexpected Turn of Events

According to The Seattle Times, Steve Ballmer, previously dismissive of the iPhone, recently praised Apple during a presentation at the University of Washington’s computer-science department. “Apple has effectively managed to harness and profit from their intellectual property,” he commented.

This acknowledgment is noteworthy as it coincides with rumors that Apple may switch its default search engine to Bing in its next OS update.

The relationship between Google and Apple has been strained, and Apple might view a partnership with Microsoft as a strategic counter to Google’s expansion in mobile technology.

For Microsoft, securing Bing as the default search engine on the iPhone would represent a significant victory in the mobile market, where the iPhone continues to dominate the smartphone sector.

Microsoft currently offers a Bing app for iPhone, but whether Bing will be integrated more deeply into the iPhone OS is yet to be confirmed. Despite his previous criticisms, Ballmer has remained silent on the matter.

When pressed for details after his speech, Ballmer merely smiled, declined to comment, and left in his vehicle.


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