50,000 iPads Pre-Ordered in First Two Hours

Today marks a significant surge in early adopters hitting the market. According to an analysis by Fortune‘s Apple 2.0 blog and discussions on the AAPL board on Investor Village, an impressive 50,000 iPads were snapped up via pre-orders within just two hours of their release this morning.

This figure is particularly remarkable when you consider that Apple typically processes around 15,000 online orders across all its products on an average day.

While these figures are preliminary and represent orders rather than individual units, the fact that the iPad just launched its pre-order phase today, coupled with the aforementioned daily sales average, strongly suggests that a significant portion of this morning’s orders were for the iPad. Moreover, these numbers don’t account for the total units ordered, especially considering today’s limit of two iPads per pre-order.

This data points to a potential total of around 50,000 iPad pre-orders logged within the first two hours of availability.

This level of demand indicates a robust interest in the device from early adopters and could hint at continued strong sales once the iPad hits store shelves.

An interesting point to note is that even if every one of these 50,000 iPads were purchased at the lowest price point of $499, according to iSuppli’s analysis, Apple would have made a minimum of $13.5 million in profit in just two hours. When considering the higher-priced models, the profit margin would be even greater.

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