Latest SDK Beta Introduces iPad Support for Dvorak Keyboards

Several months back, Macworld raised a question about the absence of a Dvorak keyboard for the iPad. Recently, with the release of iPhone SDK 3.2 Beta 5 on a Tuesday, there was an introduction of support for physical Dvorak keyboards within the operating system, though a soft keyboard version is still missing.

We received a screenshot from the iPad simulator that displays the Dvorak layout as an option for hardware keyboards.

If anyone has come across a Bluetooth Dvorak keyboard recently, do share your findings. This feature would likely allow the use of a regular keyboard configured to the Dvorak layout, possibly requiring keycap stickers for proper labeling.

According to Apple’s official technical specifications, the iPad currently supports keyboards in multiple languages including English (U.S.

and UK), French (France and Canada), German, and several others, but not Dvorak.

As detailed on Wikipedia, the Dvorak keyboard layout arranges letters and common punctuation in a way that minimizes the distance that fingers need to travel while typing. This layout, patented in 1936 by August Dvorak, is said to enhance typing speed and reduce strain-related injuries over time.

[Update: In the initial publication, I referenced the explanation of the Dvorak keyboard from Wikipedia without proper attribution or quotation marks.

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