Initial Review: Exploring the Kobo App on iPad

Recently, I stumbled upon an intriguing iPad application showcased through a video demonstration. KoboBooks leverages the iPad’s design aesthetics to create a streamlined and stylish eBook reader.

The app’s meticulous attention to user interface details, including bookmarking, page navigation, and customizable settings for brightness, font, and background, truly highlights the potential of applications on the iPad. The pop-up menus are particularly striking.

A good acquaintance from TUAW, Jim Dovey, shared this video with us.

There’s some speculation about whether Apple will approve this app, given that KoboBooks competes directly with Apple’s own iBooks, which also supports Project Gutenberg eBooks. Denying approval to KoboBooks would be disappointing, as the app is visually appealing and crafted with evident care and a focus on simplicity.


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