AT&T Unveils Costly New Rebranding Initiative

In response to criticism from Verizon’s promotional campaigns and a wave of customer dissatisfaction, AT&T has opted for a classic corporate strategy: revamping its brand image rather than addressing the root issues. This overhaul includes everything from a refreshed logo and color palette to new advertising strategies.

“Our entire communication strategy across various platforms will embody the concept of ‘Rethink Possible’,” explained Esther Lee, AT&T’s senior vice president for brand marketing and advertising, in a discussion with Advertising Age.

Last year alone, AT&T, a top-five advertiser in the nation, allocated approximately $1.87 billion to its marketing efforts.

The new tagline, “Rethink Possible,” aims to convey that with AT&T, the possibilities are endless. However, the reality of services like tethering might suggest otherwise, hinting at limitations rather than limitless possibilities.

On a positive note, the rebranding will phase out the Luke Wilson commercials.

Despite the changes, AT&T’s relationship with Apple appears solid, although the potential of the iPhone being offered through Verizon could shake things up. The effectiveness of rebranding is debatable; it’s hard to imagine someone switching carriers simply because of a new logo and color scheme.

For those interested, previews of the new branding campaign are available on the AT&T website.

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