Adobe CS5 Release Triggers Wallet Woes Nationwide

Adobe’s latest iteration, CS5, is available in various editions tailored to different professional needs. For those in the print industry, the Adobe CS5 Design Premium package is priced at US$1,899, with upgrades starting at $599. This bundle includes updated versions of Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash Catalyst and Professional, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Acrobat 9 Pro, and Bridge and Device Central.

Web designers might prefer the Adobe CS5 Web Premium, available for $1,799 with upgrades from $599.

It features a comprehensive set of tools including Dreamweaver, Contribute, Flash Catalyst, Professional and Builder, Photoshop Extended, Illustrator, Acrobat 9 Pro, Fireworks, and Bridge and Design Central.

For those in the video production field, the Adobe CS5 Production Premium is an attractive option at $1,699, with upgrades from $599. This suite includes Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop Extended, Soundbooth, OnLocation, Encore, Flash Catalyst and Professional, Dynamic Link, and Bridge and Design Central.

For those wanting the full range of Adobe’s offerings, the Adobe CS5 Master Collection might be the best choice, priced at $2,599 with upgrades from $899. However, to effectively run all these applications, one might need to consider investing in an octo-core Mac Pro.

During a highly anticipated livestream event, which was clearly pre-recorded, Adobe also unveiled Flash Player 10.1.

Despite challenges, Adobe remains optimistic about enabling iPhone and iPad users to access Flash content via the Packager for iPhone, although Apple may not be on the same page.

Today’s announcements are sure to excite creative professionals with the promise of new capabilities and enhancements across the Adobe suite. However, the high cost of the software and the necessary hardware upgrades pose significant considerations. Historically, many designers have delayed upgrading until initial software bugs are resolved.

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