Apple-Powered Winscape: Transforming Spaces with Virtual Windows

As we head into the weekend, let’s explore a futuristic piece of technology that seems to have leaped straight from the future. Winscape cleverly utilizes two plasma TVs installed behind what appear to be ordinary window frames, connected to a Mac Pro. This setup runs on specially designed Winscape software, which dynamically alters the scenery outside these faux windows based on the position of a sensor.

This sensor, as demonstrated in the accompanying video, can be attached to a moving object, such as a baby, although it appears somewhat bulky in its current form.

The entire system is managed via an iPhone app, offering a variety of scenic views. If you’re intrigued, you can purchase the Winscape software for $10 directly from their site. Additionally, the remote app is available for $2.

However, keep in mind that the plasma TVs, Mac Pro, and installation, including modifying your walls, are all additional costs. While it’s not the most feasible option for everyone just yet—until perhaps one day when homes might be built with such technology integrated—it’s certainly an exciting glimpse into what the future of home decor could hold.

Imagine starting every day with a window view of your choosing, from bustling cityscapes to tranquil beach scenes. This technology could one day become a more attainable addition to modern living.

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