Expensive Beer Costs Apple Engineer His Phone

The latest chapter in the saga of the misplaced next-generation iPhone continues to unfold. Gizmodo recently shared their account of how an Apple employee, involved in developing the iPhone’s baseband technology, accidentally left the device at Gourmet Haus Staudt, a bar and eatery located near Apple’s headquarters in Redwood City.

[Insert humorous remark about German beer and engineers.]

The individual who discovered the iPhone attempted to wait for its owner to come back, eventually identifying him through a Facebook profile visible on the device.

He planned to return it the following day, but by morning, the phone had been remotely locked or wiped. That’s when he started noticing unusual features like a front-facing camera and barcodes on its back.

[Insert witty comment about Apple prototypes not having basic security settings enabled.]

This incident occurred on March 18.

Gizmodo claims they acquired the device several weeks later and confirmed its authenticity by contacting the engineer directly at Apple, where he still worked.

[Insert expression of disbelief and surprise.]

The story is intriguing and seems to confirm that the device is indeed a genuine Apple prototype. Today’s takeaway: never mix beer with invaluable unreleased tech products.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that Gizmodo did not hesitate to disclose the Apple employee’s name who misplaced the device (which I initially included in this post but have since removed after reader feedback).

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