Apple Demands Return of Their Device Immediately

In a formal communication to Gizmodo’s Editorial Director, Brian Lam, Bruce Sewell, who serves as Apple’s Senior VP and General Counsel, made a request for the return of a device that Gizmodo had in its possession, believed to be an iPhone prototype. Sewell’s letter stated:

“We have been made aware that a device belonging to Apple is currently with GIZMODO. We hereby formally request the return of our property. Please inform me about the location for the pickup of the unit.”

Brian Lam made the response from GIZMODO public by posting it online, which read:

“Bruce, thanks.
Here’s Jason Chen, who has the iPhone.

And here’s his address. You two should coordinate a time.

[Blah Blah Blah Address]

We’re relieved to be rid of this device. It was really troubling us. Just to be clear, we weren’t aware this was stolen [as might have been suggested.

It was indeed found and its origins were unclear] when we acquired it. Now that we are certain it’s not a counterfeit and genuinely belongs to Apple, we are pleased to return it to its rightful owner.

P.S. I hope you’re lenient with the young man who misplaced it. His devotion to Apple is immense.”

The casual and somewhat irreverent tone used by Gizmodo in their correspondence—referring to Sewell by his first name, the comment about the device “burning a hole in our pockets,” and the reference to the Apple employee who lost the device as “the kid”—highlights a flippant attitude that has characterized their approach to the situation.

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