Adobe Halts Development on Flash Features for iPhone

Adobe’s Principal Product Manager for developer relations on the Flash Platform, Mike Chambers, recently informed Flash developers about the company’s decision to halt further investments in the Flash CS5 export feature for iPhone apps. Chambers highlighted that although Flash CS5 will continue to support iPhone OS 3, it is likely that Apple will soon remove any applications developed with this tool from its App Store.

He also mentioned that Apple might enforce clause 3.3.1 of the developer agreement selectively, potentially allowing some alternative development platforms.

The ongoing tug-of-war between Apple and Adobe over Flash support on the iPhone has been a significant narrative in tech circles. Adobe’s latest announcement seems to mark an end to its efforts to integrate Flash CS5 features for the iPhone, unless Apple changes its stance.

Despite previous concerns that Apple’s anti-Flash policy could impact Adobe’s business, the company is now focusing on adapting Flash for other mobile platforms like Android, utilizing their experiences from the iPhone developments.

Despite claims from Adobe’s technical and executive teams about the indispensability of Flash in mobile, Apple’s device sales have not been negatively impacted by the absence of Flash. As noted by GigaOM, even Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen’s interview, which he suggested couldn’t be viewed on Flash-less devices, was easily accessible via HTML5 on an iPad.

Update: In a recent development, CNET’s Steven Shankland received a response from Apple regarding Adobe’s stance on open development.

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