4G iPhone Contains Hidden A4 Microprocessor

Recent leaks featuring the latest 4G iPhone images have surfaced, showcasing detailed views of its internal components. Notably, these images include a clear view of what appears to be Apple’s A4 processor.

Engadget highlights the presence of “339S0084” just beneath the Apple logo, confirming the processor’s identity as the A4, according to Chipworks.

The A4 chip, an Apple-designed system-on-a-chip (SoC), is manufactured by Samsung and is also utilized in the iPad. Users often praise the iPad for its quick and fluid performance.

It is anticipated that the upcoming iPhone will deliver a similar experience, enhanced by this powerful chip, along with improved battery longevity.

Engadget also notes that the chip marked “APL0398” found within the iPad appears on this new iPhone’s processor as well. The significance of other markings on the chip remains unclear, but further details will be shared as they become available.

*Note: The image is slightly blurry due to enlargement to show the text on the chip.


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