Apple Surpasses Motorola, Captures 3% of Global Cell Phone Market

While Android may be advancing past Apple in the smartphone OS arena, Apple has been making significant strides in the handset sector. Recently, Apple surpassed Motorola by shipping 8.75 million handsets in the first quarter of the year as reported by iSuppli. This volume of sales has secured Apple a three percent share of the global market, a notable accomplishment considering its relatively recent entry into the market.

In contrast, Motorola’s sales were slightly lower at 8.5 million handsets, positioning it at eighth place, while Apple climbed to the sixth spot.

Above Apple on the list, RIM remains a key player with their BlackBerry devices, which saw sales of 10.4 million units. Following them are Sony, LG, Samsung, and Nokia at the top. The annual growth rates are particularly telling; except for Sony Ericsson, all top five companies experienced positive growth.

Apple, however, outshined all with an impressive growth rate of 130.7%. Motorola, on the other hand, faced a significant decline of 42.2%, illustrating a divergent path between the two companies in the smartphone sector.

Further down the list, the importance of the Chinese market to Apple’s strategy becomes evident. The Chinese market is crucial for Apple, as demonstrated by the remarkable 160.7% year-over-year growth of China’s TCL Alcatel.


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