iPhone vs. Android: Debunking PC World’s 7 Claims

The recent unveiling of Android’s version 2.2, also known as “Froyo,” at Google I/O has sparked a flurry of comparisons with Apple’s iPhone, particularly in a PC World article that seems to overlook the current capabilities of the iPhone. Here’s a breakdown of why their arguments don’t quite stack up.

1. Tethering
According to PC World, Android 2.2 allows users to use their phones as broadband modems, a feature not available on the iPhone. However, this overlooks the fact that iPhone users outside the US have been able to tether for nearly a year, and it’s expected to be enabled in the US with the upcoming iPhone OS 4.0. The notion that Android offers something revolutionary with tethering is more about carrier restrictions than software capabilities.

2. Wi-Fi Hotspot Functionality
This feature turns an Android phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot, which does sound impressive until you consider that similar functionality can be achieved through tethering on the iPhone.

By tethering an iPhone to a Mac and enabling Internet Sharing, multiple devices can connect to the internet through the iPhone’s data connection. The real difference is more about convenience than capability.

3. Flash Support
Android’s inclusion of Flash might seem like a win, but the reality of Flash on smartphones is less than ideal. Performance issues, high battery consumption, and overheating are common complaints. Moreover, many content providers are moving away from Flash in favor of HTML5, which is supported by iPhone.

4. Open App Ecosystem
While it’s true that Android allows for a more open app market, the iPhone’s App Store boasts hundreds of thousands of apps, meeting the needs of almost any user.

Furthermore, Apple’s vetting process reduces the risk of malware, which can be a concern in less regulated app markets.

5. Multitasking
PC World criticizes the iPhone for its lack of multitasking. However, this is set to change with iPhone OS 4.0, which will introduce a new multitasking system. This update is just around the corner, showing that the iPhone can match Android’s multitasking capabilities.

6. Browser Choices
The claim that Android offers better browser options than iPhone is misleading. iPhone users can choose from a variety of browsers available through the App Store, not just Safari.

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