AAPL Surpasses Microsoft, Now 2nd Largest US Market Cap

It has come as a surprise to many, but perhaps it was inevitable: Apple’s market value has now surpassed that of its long-standing competitor Microsoft. As the market closed at 4pm ET today, Apple’s total share value exceeded Microsoft’s by nearly US$3 billion, positioning Apple at US$222.5 billion against Microsoft’s US$219.53 billion.

This figure could still change with aftermarket movements.

Currently, the only American company with a higher market capitalization than Apple is Exxon, valued at US$278 billion. Just last month, Apple overtook Walmart in market cap, and today, Henry Blodget highlighted that Apple had already surpassed Microsoft in terms of ‘enterprise value’, which considers cash and debt levels.

Interestingly, Apple’s overtaking of Microsoft in market cap has been less about Apple’s stock performance and more about Microsoft’s decline; over the last two months, Apple’s market cap has increased by less than US$10 billion, whereas Microsoft’s has dropped by nearly $40 billion.

Regardless of the perspective, Apple’s leap over Microsoft in market cap is a remarkable shift, as noted by the New York Times.

Quite an achievement for a company that was nearly extinct in the late 1990s.

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