Survey Reveals 30% of Netbook Buyers Opt for iPads

Recent findings from a survey conducted by have shed light on consumer preferences between netbooks and iPads. The survey, which gathered responses from over a thousand potential buyers from various demographics, revealed some intriguing trends. It’s worth noting, however, that Jeremy Toeman of Stage Two reminds us that Retrevo initially underestimated the iPad’s market appeal, so these findings should be taken with caution.

When participants were asked if the announcement of the iPad in January influenced their decision to delay purchasing a netbook, 70% affirmed they did wait, although the reasons varied.

Only 30% proceeded with buying a netbook, while another 40% chose to buy one after considering an iPad. The remaining 30% bought a netbook without any consideration of the iPad. Capturing 30% of this market with a first-generation device is quite significant.

Further inquiries about future purchases showed a strong inclination towards the iPad, with 78% of respondents favoring it over a netbook.

The survey also explored the main attractions of netbooks.

Surprisingly, 54% of the respondents were drawn to their small size and light weight, rather than their cost, which only 20% cited as the deciding factor. Battery life was a close third at 19%, with other reasons making up the remaining 7%. This preference for portability and size suggests that the iPad could potentially dominate this aspect.

It raises the question of what specific functionalities (like internet browsing and email capabilities) sway consumers’ choices between these devices.

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