Wired’s First iPad Edition Impresses, Price Tag High

Imagine a digital magazine that truly leverages the capabilities of its medium. That’s what Wired has achieved with its latest iPad version, far surpassing others like Time and Popular Science, which still resemble enhanced PDFs. Adobe, collaborating with Conde Nast, initially planned a Flash-based layout for Wired. However, following Apple’s ban on Flash, they switched to an Objective-C framework, approved by Apple.

The newly launched Wired app is a visual and interactive marvel.

It features 3D graphics that respond to user movements, high-definition videos, and interactive elements that enrich the reader’s understanding of the content. Highlights include an interactive tour of Mars missions, a feature on Industrial Light and Magic, and an exploratory piece on Worcestershire sauce’s ingredients. The advertisements are interactive too, offering a deeper engagement with the products.

Despite its impressive features, Wired is priced at $4.99 per issue on the app store, which seems steep compared to the annual subscription rate of $10 for the print version, currently available through a special promotion. The digital version’s high price point could deter potential subscribers.

There are other drawbacks.

The app’s large file size (half a gigabyte) could be cumbersome for those wishing to keep multiple issues. Navigation can be confusing with no clear indicators for page turns or article continuation. Taps sometimes lead to unexpected results like animations or a return to the magazine’s homepage. Although lacking a search function and built-in browser, these features are reportedly in development.

Overall, Wired’s digital version is a significant step forward for e-magazines, setting a high standard for others to follow.

Tj Luoma

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