Gizmodo iPhone Leak Case Investigation Progresses

More than a month has passed since authorities confiscated various items from the residence of Gizmodo’s Jason Chen as part of an inquiry into a misplaced prototype iPhone. The tech community, alongside countless online legal commentators, argued that the raid might breach journalistic shield laws designed to protect the confidentiality of sources.

Deliberations on how to advance with the case against Chen and Gizmodo have concluded, and a “special master” has now been appointed to sift through Chen’s confiscated possessions, specifically those pertaining to the iPhoneprototype.

This individual, a neutral and unpaid volunteer likely with a background in law, is tasked with a focused search, ensuring personal items unrelated to the case remain private. Upon completing the review, this special master will report the findings to a judge, who will then consider any counterarguments from Chen’s legal team before deciding what evidence, if any, should be passed to the prosecuting authorities.

As of now, no formal charges have been brought forward in this ongoing investigation, which may extend up to two months.

Should the special master uncover substantial evidence, Apple may pursue a civil lawsuit, regardless of whether local authorities decide to press criminal charges. At a recent technology conference, Steve Jobs expressed his reluctance to overlook the issue, stating he would prefer to resign than ignore the matter.

[Source: The Loop]

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