WWDC 2010 Highlights: Insights from Appular’s Brian Akaka

We previously caught up with Brian Akaka at the Voices that Matter conference earlier in the year. Recently, he and his company, Appular, were present at WWDC. They’ve been quite active. Hand of Greed, their debut game, is now available in an HTML5 format, playable on iPhones without any downloads. Additionally, Appular is launching two more games: Attack and Destroy, a tactical combat game, and iSlice, which involves slicing shapes for points.

Both titles are intriguing and demonstrate that Appular’s publishing operations are progressing smoothly. For more insights from Akaka on developing games in HTML5, the origins of these new games, and future plans for the iPhone 4 and beyond, follow the link below.

TUAW: Steve Jobs mentioned two platforms for the iPhone: the App Store and HTML 5. As one of the few developers with an HTML app, do you view it as a viable alternative to the App Store?

Brian Akaka: Definitely.

It opens another pathway for promoting and discovering apps. While not suitable for all app types due to certain limitations, it offers a lower barrier to entry—no need to download or sync, which is a big plus. We’re exploring how to leverage this platform further.

Can you share any data on user engagement between your HTML app and the App Store app?

We conducted a small experiment with an AdMob ad for the HTML5 demo version. It attracted about 70,000 players, and a good number converted to the full version. I can’t disclose exact figures, but the conversion was significant.

Is it true that less than half of the players purchased the full version?

Correct, less than half. The HTML5 version only has three levels, and each level promotes the benefits of purchasing the full version. Currently, the HTML5 version sees about ten times more players than the App Store version.

We’re considering creating a dedicated HTML5 app store to centralize access to various HTML5 games.

Since we last spoke, you’ve launched Hand of Greed. Have you added any other titles to your publishing portfolio?

Yes, our latest release is Attack and Destroy, a strategic game developed by Humble Gaming. It’s available for $3.99 and supports multiplayer across devices. We’re also about to release another game called iSlice, developed by a team of young developers from the UK.

What drew you to these games? Are they similar to Hand of Greed?

Attack and Destroy was a project we were involved in from its conception, unlike Hand of Greed, which we took on after its initial release. As for iSlice, it was briefly available in the App Store before we took over its publishing.

It sounds like your publishing efforts are going well. Are you planning to continue this alongside your PR activities?

Absolutely. We’re looking to expand our publishing services, but we’re also maintaining our marketing services.


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