Ensuring FaceTime Compatibility with Your Firewall Settings

Experiencing issues with FaceTime? It might be due to the settings on your router. Apple recently released a guideline which points out that certain routers with firewalls or security settings might block FaceTime unless specific ports are forwarded.

Specifically, to ensure FaceTime operates without hitches on restricted networks, ports 53, 80, 443, 4080, 5223, and 16393-16472 (UDP) should be enabled.

Most routers should function seamlessly with FaceTime, but checking your settings can be beneficial if you encounter problems. For instance, my personal Belkin router worked without adjustments, and FaceTime calls over public WiFi have been successful.

If you’re unsure about your setup, remember you can always contact Apple for a live demo via FaceTime at 1-888-FACETIME.

[via Thinkmac.net]

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