Are AT&T’s iPhone Upload Speeds Being Limited? Users Investigate

Recent discussions on the MacRumors forums have highlighted a significant decrease in upload speeds for iPhone users, with speeds seemingly restricted to 100 kbps, a stark contrast to the previously typical 1.6mbps. This issue has been documented using various tools such as’s Speed Test, revealing a substantial drop in performance across numerous cities including NYC, Boston, Seattle, and Denver, among others.

This slowdown impacts the ability to send multimedia messages and handle other data-intensive tasks over a 3G network.

In an attempt to quantify this issue, TUAW conducted tests in Denver using both and FCC Mobile Broadband Test, along with iNetQCheck. The results were consistent with those reported on the forums, with speeds rarely exceeding 200 kbps, a drastic reduction from the 3.5 mbps speeds noted previously on AppleInsider.

The reason behind this sudden change remains unclear.

Although AT&T has been contacted for an explanation, their response is pending, possibly delayed by the holiday. It is speculated that this could be related to AT&T’s recent adjustments to their data plans, aimed at managing the network load more effectively.

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